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Si tiene preguntas o necesita ayuda, favor de llamar a la oficina al 707-725-5197 Hablamos Español!

Students of the Month

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         Mollie Hernandez    Taylor Shawula    Sarah Killfoil    Kevin Martinez    Mariah Katz    Isaac Couch-Sand            
Beatriz Sierra   Jennifer Ramirez    Maria Espino   Noe Sanchez   Tristen Dibble   Faith Comerer   Jordan Sellers

Citizens of the Month

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Makya Morton   Kylie Jones   Emma Renteria-Romero   Brodi Mooneyham   Paul McKenzie   Arturo Dominguez
Brenna Jorgensen   Michelle Brissette   Geovaney Ramirez   Morgan Melendy   Mkenz Norwood  

Welcome to Toddy Thomas Middle School


Our Vision at Toddy Thomas Middle School:

  • It is our belief that all students at Toddy Thomas School have the right to an education in a safe environment that is conducive to learning.
  • All students at Toddy Thomas will be proud of the academic achievements they made while attending Toddy Thomas School.
  • The staff, parents, and community members have the right to work and communicate in an environment that fosters safety.
  • The parents, staff, students, community members, and local agencies will be able to take pride in the appearance and environment at Toddy Thomas School.

We pledge ourselves to…

…provide a healthful, sanitary, safe, friendly atmosphere for learning.

…communicate to parents and the community to the best of our ability,

…dedicate ourselves to provide a meaningful, relevant curriculum to the children of Toddy Thomas Middle School.

…allow each child to find success in each endeavor, academic and social.

…provide opportunities for enrichment as well as remedial activities.

…guide children in the realization of their own self-worth.

…guide children to be lifelong learners.

Superintendent's Award Recipient


     Jennifer Ramirez

  Jennifer Ramirez.jpg

TTS Counselor

Weismehl, Fiona

Teacher Websites

Bergenske, Lanore
5th/6th Resource Program Teacher
Butcher, Dianna
6th Grade Teacher
Coyle, Jared
5th-8th Grade Music Teacher
Coyle, Jennifer
7th/8th Grade Academic Success & Enrichment Teacher
Crosswhite, Adrienne
5th Grade Teacher
Crowe, Nina
Speech Therapist
Fennell, Crystal
7th/8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Fraga, Rachel
7th/8th Grade Resource Program Teacher
Galliani, Rachel
7th / 8th Grade History Teacher
Grimmett, Tim
5th Grade Teacher
Kausen, J'Anne
English Language Development Teacher
Langford, Tim
6th/7th/8th Grade P.E.Teacher
Osten, Ellen
7th / 8th Grade Science Teacher
Pape, Casey
6th Grade Teacher
Peterson, Erik
5th/6th Grade Special Day Class Teacher
Sinnen, Cathy
7th / 8th Grade Math Teacher
Sowerwine, Pam
5th-8th Grade GATE/Intervention Teacher
Spangler, Jason
7th/8th Grade Special Day Class Teacher