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ASB Minutes

Mission Statement

The mission of the Toddy Thomas Student Council is to build responsible leaders within our school community and promote the values that represent good character in all students.


 We will accomplish our mission through:


·         Leading by example in our classrooms and community by being respectful, responsible, and safe.


·         Helping others in our community by raising money and supplies for the less fortunate.


·         Engaging our friends and classmates in their education by helping fund exciting opportunities and activities related to school.


·         Serving as a source of communication between the students, faculty of the school, and our community.

Student Council

ASB Officers




President: Lillian Chase - Rocha

Vice President: Mariza Guimaraes

Secretary: Jayla Cataldi

Treasurer: Yesenia Pimentel

Publicity Manager: Anna Stacy

Event  Coordinator: Loryn Hunter

Spirit Leader: Mariqus Ludd

Spirit Leader: Lauren Terrell