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"Humboldt Live! in partnership with the Arcata High School Career & College Center, helps local youth focus on their future goals and learn about leadership and potential careers. We have three main goals for our programs. 

1. To help students identify their interests, skills, values, and abilities and to learn how education today has value in their future employment and career success.

2. To help students learn about different professional and vocational fields of employment and to explore what makes a person successful and fulfilled in their jobs and careers.

3. To help students learn about responsibility, leadership, service, citizenship, teamwork, and career success through contact and interaction with adult workers in our community.

Humboldt LIVE!, where "Leadership is Very Excellent!"



Arcata High School Career & College Center, Jacoby Creek School, Pacific Union School, Sunny Brae Middle School, Toddy Thomas Middle School."

Toddy LIVE!

Toddy LIVE!

Our Toddy Thomas Live! leadership and career exploration class is in its fifth year. Our group is made up of a 7th grade Academic Support and Enrichment class. Students discussed job interests with Humboldt LIVE! facilitator, Jim Ritter. After discussing possibilities, students generated a list of career interests. Law enforcement, computers, and photography were this year's top choices for career exploration. We will host panels or go on field trips to explore all of these career areas.


Susi Hushle, a Career Technical Education counselor from the Humboldt County Office of Education, works with students using the career planning program, Navigator. She came to Toddy Thomas to work with our class, helping students learn how to use Navigator.


Cindy Hicks from Coast Central Credit Union and Bob Crane from C Crane Company came to our Toddy Live class to talk about what employers expect from their employees. They worked with students in small groups to discuss different businesses in Fortuna and the responsibilities/skills an expected of an employee.


Fortuna Officer Lindsey Frank, California Game Warden Matt Wells, and College of the Redwoods Police Academy Coordinator Sandi Petersen made up the law enforcement panel for our Toddy Live class. We learned a lot about law enforcement careers.


Kellie Jo Brown and Deborah Ketelsen joined our Toddy Live! class for a conversation about what it is like to work as a professional photographer. Students learned about types of photography and the different equipment used to produce pictures.


Toddy Live! students had the opportunity take a few field trips. Precision Intermedia, a local multimedia marketing agency/social media management company, hosted our students and provided information about careers using media.


Students also participated in a half-day field trip on Election Day. Our field trip began at the County Board of Supervisors meeting.

J.T. Albin and McKenna Lewis were on the agenda to speak about Toddy Live! and our class put together a gift to give our county supervisors. This is the link to view the Board of Supervisors meeting:


We followed the County Board of Supervisors meeting with a tour of the Humboldt County Elections and Voter's Registration Office.


Toddy Live! ended for the school year with a Fortuna High School "grad panel". High school seniors come back to junior high to answer questions from the students about what they can expect when they move on to high school. Toddy Live! students hosted four Fortuna High School seniors involved in the school's Change the World service project. Thanks to Christine, Curtis, Kaiya, and Layla for encouraging our 7th graders about high school.


We have been fortunate to have support from several community volunteers. We appreciate your willingness to share your time and career ideas with our students.


Finally, a BIG thank you to Jim Ritter, director of Humboldt Live!, for continuing to bring an engaging program to our school.